Eric Lima Woodturning






Self-taught wood turning artisan, Eric Lima, of Chandler, AZ, has been creating wood bowls & vases since 1993. The tree varieties he chooses are from Arizona & include mesquite, olive, ironwood & pistachio, to name just a few. The natural turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine of Globe, AZ, added after each form has dried & cracked, further enhances their beauty.

.The creative process begins when a log is cut with a chain saw to a rough form.  Then, it is mounted on the lathe, where it is turned to its basic shape. The piece is set aside to dry for a period of time, then is back on the lathe and gets its final shape.  Next comes the meticulous turquoise inlay work.  Finally, the piece undergoes sanding and several coats of tung oil finish for a magnificent sheen.  The entire process can take a few months to over a year, depending on the size, type of wood and amount of turquoise work. Each piece is one of a kind and individually hand-crafted, with different shapes and sizes.


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